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What is Skouras Sports & Language Camp?
Skouras Sports & Language Camp

Benefit twice over by sending your students to the Sports & Language Camp in Halkidiki.

Your students will improve their English in ideal surroundings and have an unforgettable summer!
  • Communicate in multi-ethnic groups using only English
  • Selected teachers for the summer school coordinate and guide our students, not only in the daily lesson but also in all the activities of the English programme
  • Specially designed classrooms with interactive whiteboards
  • Specially designed teaching programme based mainly on oral communication
Free attendance for those students - as regards accommodation, meals and participation in sports activities - whose parents are insured by affiliated insurance organisations or if they are beneficiaries of the OAED program.
2022 OAED Free Summer Camp

Dear associates

For yet another year, the Skouras Sports & Language Camp in Halkidiki opens its doors and welcomes you and your students to have a unique summer full of fun, games and English! Arrange your students' holidays with the specialised English programme which combines summer holidays with learning, sports and fun!

Students whose parents are unemployed or on a low income can take part free of charge - as regards accommodation, meals and participation in sports activities - through the OAED Free Summer Camp programme. The same applies for students whose parents are insured with a contracted social security fund.

Offer your students this unforgettable experience!

For the OAED programme Free Summer Camp you may submit applications online via the OAED website.

You can either access the OAED website for further information or visit the camp's website to read the insurance organisation announcements.

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What is United College of London?
English Language Lessons at UCL in London

  • English & Paid Work Placement
  • Business English
  • Academic Year Course University Preparation
  • Examination Preparation Courses for IELTS, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE
  • English Family Courses (Christmas-Easter-Summer)
  • Youth Summer School (for 8-17 years old)
  • General English (for students 16+)
  • One-to-one Intensive English
  • (ESP) English for Specific Purposes:
    • International Sales & Sales Management
    • English for Lawyers
    • Oil & Gas English
    • Maritime English (IMO's syllabus)
Accommodation in Student Halls at the College

Full Activity Programme in London

  • Museums
  • Attractions & Tours
  • Nightlife
  • National Park Landmarks
  • Sports
  • Day Trips
  • Shopping Malls
  • Concerts