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What is an i-book?
What is the interactive book (i-book)?
It is interactive software with additional exercises (vocabulary & grammar) provided on a DVD for desktop computers and as an application for mobile devices, which helps the student improve their English in an enjoyable way, and evaluates their performance in each lesson.

The student listens to and learns how to read, translate and correctly pronounce words in an enjoyable way.

With the help of the i-book, the student practises reading the texts, and is given the chance to improve their pronunciation.

Grammar and Vocabulary Activities:
The student does revision of the grammar theory and vocabulary of each lesson through enjoyable exercises (in the form of video games) which lead to self assessment.

The exercises are corrected automatically and the system produces the student’s results in each exercise.

Songs and Video Clips:
The student learns and enjoys himself through the songs of the book.

The student watches the videos of each lesson.

The teacher checks the student as they receive an email or printout of the marks achieved by each student as well as a list of the parts of the lesson each student has completed.
Make your classroom lessons even more effective and enjoyable using the interactive exercises and games which have been added to the interactive software which accompanies our books.

Animated Videos with the story of the lesson.

Educational Videos which liven up the texts of the Coursebook.

Video Clips of the songs in each lesson.

3D games in every lesson.

We have installed and continue to support 1,750+ Interactive Whiteboards in Foreign Language Schools.

All the material of the books published by Super Course ELT Publishing, from Pre-Junior through to Proficiency C2, is available with new upgraded software for use with an Interactive Whiteboard.
What is a whiteboard?